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Our Access Control Composite Cables Make Installation Easy

Extend Customer Loyalty with Our Long-Length Fiber Optic Cables

Our Plenum & Non-Plenum Cables Comply with Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) Standards

Aquaseal Water Resistant Cables Protect Your Application from the Elements

Addressable (Digital) Fire Alarm Systems Offer Best Protection

At West Penn Wire, Innovation is a Way of Life                 

Why The Classrooms of Tomorrow Need Our Expertise Today

4 Technology Changes with Remote Working

3 Things That Make a Cable Flexible

West Penn Wire Celebrates 50 Years

The Blogs You Liked & Read Most In 2020

How Does Winter Weather Impact Cable?

4 Trends That Need Category 6A Cabling

4 Broadcast Trends and Need for Fiber

How COVID-19 Will Boost Networking

Different Types of Outdoor Cables

When to Use Fiber Optic Cable?

How COVID-19 May Change Technology in Different Industries

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Cables

Field Terminated Vs. Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies

How Patch Cords & Patch Panels Benefit Installations

Network Patch Panels & Advantages

Top 5 Read Blog Posts of 2019

What is Networking Connectivity?

How to choose the right Fiber Optic Connector?

Benefits of Fiber Optics in Video Security/Surveillance

Power Limited Vs. Non-Power Limited Fire Alarm Cables

Why use Tactical Networking Cables?

Solid Vs. Stranded Cable

6 Tips for Choosing Conference Room Equipment

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Networking Cable

How Does Weather Impact Fiber Optics?

Benefits of an AV/IP Systems

Different Types of Network Cable Products

Top 5 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2018

Twisted Pairs Vs. Braided Cables

Differences Between Wire and Cable

Benefits of LED Lighting

Category Cable Comparison: Cat 5 vs. Cat 6 vs. Cat 7

Category 6 Vs. Fiber Optic Cables

6 Different Types of Fire Alarm Cables

Understanding Fiber Optic Wavelengths

What is PoE?

Common Causes of Electrical Fires

Future of Fiber Optic Cable

Importance of Reestablishing Fiber Connections Effectively

HDMI Vs. Optical Audio Cables

Beginner's Guide: Audio Cables 101

Different Types of Coax Cables

Revamping Your Companies Data Center

Different Types of Category Cable Shielding

Let's Compare: Plenum and Non-Plenum Rated Cables

How Do Fire Detection Systems Work?

Conventional Vs. Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Aquaseal Cables: Direct Burial Vs. Inconduit

Top 3 Most-Read West Penn Wire Blogs of 2017

Fiber Optic Cable Basics- Cable Construction

Steps to choosing the Access Control System for Your Business

What is an Access Control System?

What is Chroma Subsampling?

Understanding 4K and HDMI Cables

Fiber Optic Connectors and Termination Videos

Environmentally Friendly: Halogen-Free Cables

Why choose Armored Fiber?

Single-Mode Vs. Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable

Advantages of Fiber Optics Cables vs. Copper Cables

Category 6A Vs. Category 7 Cables

Category 7- Greater connection for great bandwidth

Better Packaging for Better Solutions

Aquaseal- the Industry's Original Water Resistant Cable

What are the benefits of Aquaseal & Wet Location Cables?

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