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Top 5 Read Blog Posts of 2019

Posted by Samantha Flannery on Jan 6, 2020 3:00:00 PM

At the end of each year, we take a look at our most popular blog posts to see what our customers found to be most useful and compelling. Here are the top 5 blogs that help you learn more about low voltage cabling and fiber optic products:

1) 6 Different Types of Fire Alarm Cables

The different types of fire alarm cables with both power limited and non-power limited fire alarm cables. 

2) Conventional vs. Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm systems can generally be put into two main system designs:  Conventional (Analog) and Addressable (Digital). To understand what system may be right for your company's building or office, it is important to understand the differences between each system. 

3) How Does Weather Impact Fiber Optics?

Harsh weather conditions do not primarily affect fiber optic cabling. Due to fiber optics sending light beams down the thin strands of glass rather than electrical signals, these cables are not affected by weather changes. 

4) Plenum Vs. Non-Plenum Cables

In this article, we will be viewing the difference between a plenum and non-plenum rated cable and how to determine which one you will need for an upcoming project. 

5) HDMI vs. Optical Audio Cables

When installing new home entertainment centers, soundbar or audio equipment it comes down to two main choices: HDMI or optical audio cables. These cables will both pass digital audio signals and multi-channel audio between devices.

Other popular blog posts: 

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