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4 Trends That Need Category 6A Cabling

Posted by Samantha Flannery on Sep 8, 2020 10:00:00 AM

In the world of networking, data rates continue to climb as more devices are being connected to LANs through wireless and wired connections. Versus, ten years ago there was a single network that would manage both data and voice. 

Today, devices like access control systems, wireless access points, digital signage, LED lighting, and more, are all coming together onto enterprise networks. Along with the increase of devices other demands that can occur are:

  • Systems can call for high Power over Ethernet (PoE) levels up to 100W
  • These systems also call for longer reach with devices that can be up to 100m away from a network switch
  • Also, systems call for 100% uptime and network connectivity for data collection and sharing capabilities

Networks must be able to manage multiple systems that require high performance, faster speed, low latency, and more bandwidth. Industry standards that use to recommend Category 6A for data centers only now are recommending for LAN installations as well. 

Technology and applications are also driving the increase of Category 6A cabling: 

  1. Increasing data, transferring, and the need to move large files quickly. examples include high-definition streaming, surveillance video, and larger graphics.
  2. AV over IP signal transmission with other technologies like Dante AV, HDBaseT, and others quite large bandwidth requirements
  3. Cellular Networks are in-building and take the form of the distributed antenna system (DAS) and WI-FI Systems. These systems can help to bring cellular signals into buildings to secure connections.
  4. Increasing Wireless helps to alleviate the issues with networks being overused. It offers improved speed capabilities and allows more users to be on the network at the same time, and greater bandwidth capacity.

In each one of these situations listed above, the best solutions to support the growing demands and applications are Category 6A cabling. 

Category 6A Cables

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