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Environmentally Friendly: Halogen-Free Cables

Posted by Samantha Bante on Sep 12, 2017 3:30:00 PM

With so many companies taking the "green" initiative to improve the distribution of toxic chemicals being dispersed into the environment, organizations are finding new ways to improve consumer safety and environmental factors. Although the demand has risen in recent years, the awareness of cable alternatives is moving rapidly towards alternatives such as Low Smoke, Halogen-Free cables in communication and security applications.

What are Halogens? and why are they dangerous?

Pretty simple. Halogens are found in a variety of various components. For example: flame retardants, building insulations, polyurethane foam and cables. These compounds use chlorine or fluorine and are commonly found in jacketing materials including PVC and CSPE.

When these components are burned they emit toxic fumes into the environment and have the potential to create acid when combined with moisture to create problems for people and industrial environments who have exposure to these elements.

What are Low Smoke, Halogen-Free Cables?

Halogen Free cables were designed for a safer/cleaner alternative to a regular cable in locations where emergencies involving fire and smoke can be a risk factor. 

They quickly diminish the probability of fluorine, chlorine, bromine or other halogen-family elements causing the typical cable jacket to burn quickly and emit those dangerous fumes into the environment.

Halogen free.jpg

Where can I utilize Halogen-Free Cables?

Fortunately, these cables can be utilized in environments that can be hazardous if exposed to fire and high temperature pressures.

  • Transportation:
    • Airplanes
    • Ships
    • Subways
    • Trains
  • Telecommunications & Infrastructures:
    • Data Centers
    • Power Distribution Equipment
    • Tunnels 
  • Industrial:
    • Oil & Gas Drilling & Production
    • Petrochemical Manufacturing

To learn more about these Halogen Free Cables, link this link: Halogen-Free Cable for Confined Areas & Critical Applications, explaining the benefits to these cables in your industrial environment.


View Halogen Free Cables here 

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