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The Blogs You Liked & Read Most In 2020

Posted by Samantha Flannery on Feb 18, 2021 10:00:00 AM

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With 2020 behind us, we take a look back at the topic and posts that were most important to you. After we examined the most-read blogs from 2020, as well as the most-read West Penn Wire blogs of all time, we're sharing your favorite here!

Most-Read West Wire Blogs Published in 2020

1. Outdoor Vs. Indoor Cables

In outdoor installations, in most cases, outdoor cables are needed to maintain the performance of the cables standards. But other types of cables can be added to mix such as security or access control. When those are added, what are the specific guideline that would need to be followed? When should outdoor or indoor cables be installed? Find out here!

2. How Patch Cords & Patch Panels Benefit Installations

Patch cables and patch panels help to create a central point for an installation to condense cables, organize, and streamline any connected devices. 

3. Different Types of Outdoor Cables

In this blog, we explain the different types of outdoor cabling such as outdoor cables, underground burial cable, and direct  cable. Also, we take a closer look at the each cable and how they are used in outdoor applications. 


Most-Read West Penn Wire Blogs Ever

These blogs were published before 2020, but they make up our most-read West Penn Wire blogs since we began blogging in 2017.

1. 6 Different Types of Fire Alarm Cables

Fire alarm systems are very important for any business, school, facility, home and much more. They protect us when alerts arise and deliver notification of potential threat and harm. In previous blogs, we have discussed how fire detection systems work and the differences between conventional vs. addressable fire alarm systems.

2. How Does Weather Impact Fiber Optics?

This year's winter weather has been far from pleasant from coast-to-coast thus far. With frigid temperatures and a record low of -50 degrees in certain parts of the country, how does this affect our cabling, especially fiber optic cable?

3. Conventional Vs. Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm systems can generally be put into two main system designs:  Conventional (Analog) and Addressable (Digital). In order to understand what system may be right for your company's building or office, it is important to understand the differences between each system. Find out more here!

Thank you for continuing to read West Penn Wire’s blogs – and for sharing your feedback, comments and ideas. Are there topics you’d like us to cover next year? Questions you need answers to? Let us know, and we’ll plan to talk about them! Or speak directly to one of our cabling and connectivity experts.

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