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How COVID-19 May Change Technology in Different Industries

Posted by Samantha Flannery on Apr 27, 2020 9:00:00 AM

As the world continues to adjust to different working environments and daily life amidst a global pandemic, there are lots of questions that come to mind. What are the long term affects? How will this impact our industry? Will there be new technology requirements in the future?

In many ways recent technology has vastly helped with social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Many students are now working in online classrooms and adults are having to adjust to an at-home work place while other continue to head out on the front lines. If progress was not made towards better WiFi, faster signals, greater bandwidth, many of us would be struggle to get day-to-day tasks complete, keeping in touch with families and helping local businesses. 

The recent pandemic also shoes how reliant we are on solid connects after spending the last few months and works remotely working, distance learning etc. It is safe to say that the demand for faster connections will be needed moving forward as we slowly transition back to "normal"

Here are a few examples of changes that could occur in various industries:

In many workplace environments, telecommuting is more predominant than ever. Many employees who were used to going to an office every day are now trying to move all of that work in a home environment. Also, many employees that traveled are now having to find new ways to conduct business in a completely new way since many aren't traveling. 

The sudden shift to remotely working and no travel has increased data demands significantly. Instead of in-person meetings, workers are relying on platforms like Global Meet, Zoom, and Skype to connect and collaborate.

Because the need for these systems has increase significantly and fast, the immediate result is lower input. Connections are sometimes interrupted (dropped calls, lagging videos, etc.) because so many users are demanding data transmission at the same time.If the increased reliance on these technology continues, changes will have to be made within IT infrastructure to increase reliability and support more users to alleviate poor connections or network problems.

Healthcare, to help to appease the social distancing many healthcare organizations are now providing telemedicine to communicate with patients when possible instead of coming into an office setting. Telemedicine requires an infrastructure that can support high speeds and a great bandwidth to keep both the connections secure, and working efficiently.

Education, K-12 and Colleges and even businesses that house applications within their own facilities are experiencing increased strain on networks due to increase usage.

Now, teachers and student are quickly adapting to teaching and learning online instead of face-to-face classroom interactions. This large shift to online communication across every school has boosted videoconferencing to encourage interactions.

In the future, online education may become a signification part to a schools’ plans in the future. Many changes will have to be made to IT infrastructure to be able to support large numbers of users while providing clear communication without dropped connections.

As life slowly returns to a more normal state, it will be interesting to see different industries data infrastructures will continue to be impacted. 

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