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Different Types of Category Cable Shielding

Posted by Samantha Bante on Mar 14, 2018 10:00:00 AM

As technology advances each year, shielded category cables are becoming more commonly used for a variety of small to large scale projects. Although these are not always required, they are highly spec'd and suggested.

The "shield" on these cables act as a barrier to protect the signal integrity from electrical interference or, EMI and provides very little loss. There are a variety of acronyms that are commonly used. Before we get into the types of cables, its important to know what the letters mean. These acronyms were established by the ISO/IEC 11801 standard and adopted by TIA/EIA.

Category 7.jpgFigure 1: Category 7 Cable with S/FTP

Standard shielding abbreviations:

  • TP = Twisted Pair
  • U =Unshielded
  • F = Foil Shield
  • S= Braided Shield

The chart below indicates the acronyms commonly used for category cable shielding:


Acronym Cable Details Cable Shield/Pair Shield
UTP or U/UTP Unshielded twisted pairs No Cable Shield/No Pair Shield
F/UTP Overall foil shield Foil Cable Shield/No Pair Shield
S/FTP Each pair shielded w/ overall shielded braid Tin Copper Braid Cable Shield/ Foil Pair Shield
U/FTP* Each pair individually shielded No Cable Shield/Foil Pair Shield
F/FTP* Overall foil shield w/ each pair individually shielded Foil Cable Shield/Foil Pair Shield
SF/UTP* Overall foil shield w/ overall shielded Braid Foil & Tin Copper Braid Cable Shield/Foil Pair Shield

* Disclaimer: West Penn Wire does not carry U/FTP, F/FTP or SF/UTP cables 

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