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6 Tips for Choosing Conference Room Equipment

Posted by Samantha Flannery on Apr 23, 2019 10:00:00 AM

There are many options that offer a cost-effective solution to support the migration to AV-IP,  which creates the setting for greater innovation and collaborations. One area that is experiencing this change is conference rooms. When working through this migration it's important to make sure that you have the right equipment to maximize value to users and their audio and video assets.

In the article below we will be stating some tips to make sure that you are selecting the right conference room equipment.



1) Networking

Before planning a video or conference call, you need to have the proper network set up or upgrades will need to put into place to hold the required bandwidth. Making sure you have the correct networking cables installed can make all the difference.

2) AV Control System

Control systems are essential for any board or conference room. These systems and mechanisms work together and can be controlled with the touch of a button and programmed easily on a web interface. It needs to have capabilities of different ways of presenting such as video, audio conferencing and the ability to stream videos.  

3) Compatible Devices

Make sure that your conference room or meeting space supports any and all equipment from end to end. For example, people may be using different laptops so having a system in place that can seamlessly connect many types of user equipment is always preferable. 

4) Sound Quality

Clear and uninterrupted sound is ideal. Nothing can ruin a phone conference more than sound lag or interruptions with the connections in place. To achieve the best and proper sound quality, make sure to choose the right speakers. Many times they can be installed in the ceiling tiles now to make them discrete yet powerful with 360-degree coverage of the room. 

5) Displays/Screens

Depending on the size of the room there are many different types of screens to choose from. Usually, with an AV control system, it is easier to select a TV screen, especially if there areas with uncovered glass, windows or any skylights that will allow sunlight or high amounts of natural light into the room. Smartboards are also becoming increasingly more popular because of their variety of use.

6) Proper Lighting

Correct lighting or proper shading in your conference room can really impact any images or videos being played.  Lighting can affect how you need to program your AV system such as screens or projectors being used throughout the conference room. Sometimes spending the extra amount for shading can make the world of difference.  

If you have questions regarding AV control systems or AV/IP systems please let us know! We have recently launched a complete AV/IP system. If you would like to learn more about West Penn Wire's AV/IP system for classrooms and boardrooms, click the link below:


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