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Category 7- Greater connection for great bandwidth

Posted by Samantha Bante on Jul 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM

You requested. We've delivered. 

West Penn Wire has recently expanded our already extensive Category Cable breadth to now include Category 7 S/FTP Twisted Pair cables.

Category 7 cables help to meet the demand for the growing presence of IP access points and networking security applications exceeding speeds of 10 Gigabits networking (10G) bandwidths of up to 600 MHz.


Where can I use Category 7 Cables?

This cable is ideal for 4K resolution video because the signal delivers a superior performance with high bandwidth applications. The shielding of the 4 (four) twisted pairs improves the noise resistance within the cables. 

Category 7-2.jpg

What are some key features?
  • Data rate of 10 Gigabits per second over 100m
  • Performance Exceeds TIA/EIA 568C.2 Category 6A Standard- Category 7 - ISO11801 Class F
  • Provides up to 600 MHz of Proven Channel Bandwidth
  • Individually Shielded with Braid Shielding
  • Available in Black - Plenum Rated

What is the Part Number?

Category 7 S/FTP CMP – Part Number 254247F

Does West Penn Wire Provide components for installations?

Yes we do!

To optimize your installations, we are also providing a wide range of plugsjacks, patch panels and assemblies. Please review the figure below: Note: There are no standards for Category 7 Connectivity.

Installation Components.jpg


Interested in more information about Category 7 cable or pricing? No problem. Click on the link below:

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If you have any additional questions please reach out to sales@westpennwire.com or call us at 800-245-4964.


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